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Chess teaches you to make the right move from the start. Chess teaches you not to let your emotions guide your actions. Chess teaches you to make sacrifices. Chess teaches you to take action and attack.


Originating in northern India in the 6th century AD, this strategy game has been played for almost two thousand years for a reason: it perfectly imitates life, in incredibly deep nd fascinating ways.


This book presents 100 life lessons that come from chess, each being as powerful and interesting as the next. 


This book will make you think, inspire you, and open some psychological doors that were previously locked.


Send me a message in the chat if a lesson is really resonating with you and I'll get back to you with some bonus insights about that lesson- these lessons are written in a very concise, memorable way, but there's so many fascinating insights that didn't make it in,


David Reynolds

100 Life Lessons From Chess

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