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This page is dedicated to people who seek sexual continence. 


Learning English

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Welcome to the Learning English page! Here, we offer a comprehensive range of English learning resources designed to empower you on your language journey. Whether you're looking for personalised 1-to-1 English tuition or seeking to enhance your skills through our online English programs, you're in the right place. My thoughtfully-crafted programs are geared towards helping you achieve fluency and confidence in English. Dive in and explore the opportunities that await you

on your path to mastering this global language.

  • Silver

    Cada semana
    • One English lesson per week that lasts for one hour
    • Direct access to David via Whatsapp messenger
    • Personalised study document via Google docs
    • Priority scheduling
    • Free access to a range of online programs
  • Gold

    Cada semana
    • Up to three lessons per week that last for one hour
    • Personalised Google Doc to help you study
    • Direct access to David via Whatsapp
    • Includes a selection of online program
    • Priority scheduling

The Benefits

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