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The Inner Child Healing Program

  • 21días
  • 17pasos


Introducing The Inner Child HealingProgram - a transformative journey towards healing and self-discovery. This program is designed to help you reconnect with your innermost self, heal past wounds, and cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. Through a series of guided exercises, reflections, and practices, you'll explore the concept of the inner child and its influence on your life. You'll identify and explore past traumas and wounds, learning techniques for processing and releasing emotional pain. As you deepen your connection with your inner child, you'll discover the power of reparenting – nurturing and supporting yourself with compassion and care. You'll embrace vulnerability and authenticity, harnessing the wisdom and creativity of your inner child to set intentions for your future.

Vista general

  • Day 1: Understanding the Concept of the Inner Child

  • Day 2: Understanding the Influence of Your Inner Child

  • Day 3: Cultivating Connection with Your Inner Child

  • Day 4: Uncovering and Exploring Past Traumas and Wounds

  • Day 5: Techniques for Processing & Releasing Emotional pain


Pago único
GBP 10.00
Gold | Ongoing
GBP 35.00/week
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