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The Gratitude Program

  • 21días
  • 7pasos


The virtue of gratitude is essential for staying mentally healthy. It will make tough times bearable, so that you actually make it through the tough times. Without gratitude, you’ll give up when it gets too difficult. Gratitude is also an essential virtue in social situations because no one likes to hang out with someone who complains all the time and is not grateful. The opposite of gratitude is envy, and envy is very repulsive. In this program you will be taken through a series of steps that will strengthen your gratitude muscle and reduce envy. You will do practical exercises which you have never done before, and answer questions which you never have before.

Vista general

  • Day One: Embracing Gratitude
  • Reflection
  • Gratitude Affirmation
  • Gratitude Walk
  • Acts of Kindness


GBP 5.00
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