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30-Day Holistic Program for Quitting Pornography

  • 30días
  • 90pasos
Los participantes que completen todos los pasos recibirán una insignia cuando acabe el programa.


Hello there I'm David Reynolds and I've been on NoFap for over 2 years, and regularly coach guys on how to end their masturbation habit. This is a truly transformative program which I'm really proud of, and I've been adding my current NoFap clients to it and they've been loving it. At the end of each day you are presented with an online journal where you can record your thoughts and experiences, and you can look back on your journal entries at any time- even after the program has finished. It includes daily videos of me sharing insights. On day 1 I will be talking about day 1, and on day 47 I will be talking about day 47, and so on. This means that it feels like you are really being guided along the journey. I understand the struggle that modern men are going through as I went through it for a number of years. (I'm 23, was trying to quit for about 3 years. As well as abstaining from pornography, my holistic program contains unique and powerful guidance on: * Reducing Social Anxiety * Digital Minimalism (taking back control of your attention from social media) * Eating Healthily * Thinking about women in a healthy way * Increasing Self-Esteem * Living with Purpose And more... This program is always improving- new sections are being added based on what my clients tell me. For example, a guy slipped up on day 50 because he believed he would be a burden if he reached out for help, so now there is a lot more emphasis on reaching out as soon as you can. You will earn 1 loyalty point for each step completed.

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  • Day 1
  • Attitude
  • Join a Support Group
  • Day Plan
  • Dealing with Urges


GBP 15.00
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