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The Diligence Program

  • 20días
  • 5pasos


A high degree of humility is required to be open to the information in this program, so before starting this one, it’s highly recommended to complete the Humility program first. Diligence is essentially our ability to work hard and persevere. It is essential for success in all endeavours. The opposite of diligence is sloth, which is an archaic word for 'laziness'. In our society today it is easy to get by with minimal effort, and many of us are used to coasting along with no effort. In this program, you'll embark on a 30-day journey of learning theory and completing tasks. The program is structured in a series of 30 steps, with each day presenting you with fresh information to absorb and new tasks to complete. Future steps will be hidden, but you are able to see the title of each step..

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  • Welcome
  • Music to encourage diligence
  • Diligent in All Areas of Life

  • Understanding Sloth and Diligence

  • Key Insight - We Don’t Need to Be Diligent


GBP 15.00
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